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Questions and comments are encouraged and welcome. This page offers answers to frequently asked questions about Sandwich Youth Soccer. Links throughout the answers might guide you to further information on SYS's website or from other sources. Should you have any further questions, please contact us directly.
Sandwich Soccer Club
What is the difference between Rec. and Travel Soccer?
Rec. or Fall in-town soccer is under the Town Recreation Dept. It is open to all children in grades K-8.  Travel or Club soccer is under the Sandwich Soccer Club (SSC) and is for 8-18 year olds. It is sanctioned by Mass Youth Soccer. SSC strives to provide a higher level of competition and at older age groups stratifies the level of play. SSC strives to provide placement for every player on a team through it's tryout process but placement isn't guaranteed. For more information please see Sandwich Soccer Club Home Page.
Are Scholarships Available?
Yes, Please contact the President directly.
I heard that ALL volunteers must complete a CORI form with the Town of Sandwich. Is this true?
Yes, please complete the CORI Form which is found on the coaches page.
I heard that ALL coaches, parents and players must read and agree to a Code of Ethics.Is this true?
Yes, this is now required when registering online.
Can I request to be placed on a certain team? 
Yes, at grades K-2 generally all requests are honored.  At 3-8, each player’s relative ability is taken into consideration and teams are made in an effort to create teams that are as balanced as possible.  As such, some requests may not be honored if such a request causes an imbalance in team strength.  As all teams in each age group play at the same time, there is no need to request for “commuting reasons.”   Please make requests at the time of registration.
How are teams decided? 
Much time is taken to ensure that the teams are a fair balance.  We have the Age Group Directors place the players by dividing players based on ability, special requests and numbers. 
Do Coaches have the opportunity to ensure there is fair placement? 
Yes, we have a coaches night for older grades, and the coaches are encouraged to go.  This is for the purpose of reviewing player placement.
Do teams ever get changed? 
Yes.  Occasionally teams do need to be adjusted.  The Board reserves the right to adjust and balance any team by the third game of the season.  All decisions made by the Board are final.
When and how will I know what team my son or daughter is on?
The coaches receive their rosters on Coaches Night and will contact you via phone after that. Please check the 'Key Dates' link to see when Coaches Night is held.
I’m interested in being a coach or age group director.  What do I need to do?
Please be sure you indicate that you want to coach during the registration process.  SYS will provide coaches training through Paul Turner in August.
I’m interested in being a referee?  What should I do?
Please contact the Referee Assignor and provide your name, phone number and email.  Referees need to be in at least 7th grade.  We are also looking for high school students to help.
How can I help?
SYS is the largest recreational program in town due to its volunteers.  As such, we are always in need of help.  Please indicate your status during the registration process or send an email to syssoccer@gmail.com.
What type of equipment does my son or daughter need?
Shin guards are required for all ages.
Cleats are required for grades 2 - 8.
Cleats are highly recommended for grades K & 1.
What does the season entail?
Sandwich Youth Soccer offers soccer to Sandwich Youth in grades K-8.  The Soccer Season runs for eight weeks, usually starting in the Fall on Labor Day Weekend, and running through the end of October.  All games are played on Saturdays, at the Henry T. Wing Elementary School.
Are there Practices during the week?
Practices are NOT mandatory and are at the discretion of the coaches.  As they have practice time before each game on Saturday, grades K through 2 generally do not practice during the week however a coach may choose to get the players together.  Grades 3 through 8 may practice during the week at either the Forestdale School or the Wing School from 4:30 pm to 7 pm. There are no practice fields reserved at either the Oak Ridge or High Schools.  It is recommended that there be no more than two practices a week. One is perfectly fine.
My coach has scheduled a practice and my child cant attend on that day, can he/she attend a practice with her friend and will this effect his/her playing time?
Practices are not mandatory but they do serve a purpose to help develop friendships and teamwork so a reasonable effort should be made to attend as many as possible however if your coach schedules a practice that conflicts with a previous engagement, please inform him/her and let them know you will attend another practice or will practice with another team.  Please be sure you contact the other coach in advance so they are aware.  This will not affect playing time.
A friend mentioned she heard of a plan submitted to the Town Selectman to develop more field space in Sandwich?
Yes, check this out: Recreational Field Development Plan.
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