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SYS is always looking for new referees. If you are interested in becoming licensed, visit

If you are currently licensed, you must show a valid USSF ID card (not a patch) to one of the Referee Coordinators. Until you show your ID card, you will only earn $10, instead of the licensed pay of $15.
Morning pay time: 11:00 - 11:30
Afternoon pay time: After the last game of the day

If you cannot show up for your assigned game, you must send an e-mail to the Referee Coordinator - NO LATER THAN THE FRIDAY BEFORE YOUR GAME. If you do not show up for a scheduled game, you forfeit your spot on the referee list. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Referees' Corner
Date, Time & Location to be announced

Referee Information Form - Download Now
ALL interested Referees for 2014 season MUST download, complete, and mail this form to:
Sandwich Youth Soccer
Attn: Referee Coordinators
P.O. Box 601
Forestdale, MA 02644

SYS 2014 Referee Policies - Download Now
  1. We schedule fairly.  We go by the number of games that you actually ref, not the number of times you are on the schedule. If there are any questions, please see a Referee Coordinator for clarification.
  2. Show up to your game at least 20 minutes before scheduled game time.
  3. You must sign-in to get your shirt and whistle if needed.  Make sure you see the Referee Coordinators to get your game slip.
  4. If you are licensed, you must show us a valid USSF ID card to confirm your license.  Until you show us a card, you will not get the license pay of $15; you will get the regular $10 rate.  If you showed us your license last year, you will need to show us one this year.  Any questions, please see us.
  5. The schedule will be posted on the website on or by Wednesday.  If you need to cancel your assignment, send us an email NO LATER THAN THURSDAY.  Failure to do so may jeopardize your chances in getting a game later in the season.
  6. Check the website: often for updates.
  7. Bring Watches, even though there is a blow horn. Also, try to bring your own whistle.
  8. No sandles or bare feet; cleats or shoes are required while reffing.
  9. NO CELL PHONES!  Even for use as a watch, will not be allowed.  If you are caught using a cell phone, you may not be allowed to ref again.
  10. You don’t need to keep score, only during the World Cup.
If you have questions with any of these policies, please do not hesitate to see any of the Referee Coordinators.

Madeline Klimm, Matt Dahl, Brennan Tickell & Zac Mehl

SYS 2014 Referees' Review of Rules - Download Now


First Offense: warning to both player and coach
Second Offense: Player ejected from game
Third Offense: 3 game suspension for player and coach

Rule III:  Substitutions are not allowed on corner kicks.

Rule VIII: The ball is out of play when it has completely crossed the goal line or touch-line, on the ground or in the air, or when play is stopped by the referee.

Rule XVI:  Goal kicks should be taken from the goal line, 4 yards either side of the goal posts.  For 4th graders and under, goal kicks may be taken from the 8 yard line. 

Rule III:  No player will play goalkeeper for more than ½ of the game.  A coach cannot take out a keeper at half time and bring him or her back sometime later in the second half.
You can have 2 keepers in the first half and 2 keepers in the second half.

Rule XIII:  All free kicks are “modified indirect.”  (With an indirect kick, the ball must be touched before a goal can be scored.)

Under SYS Rules, a Free Kick or Modified Indirect has to be touched by at least two offensive players before it counts as a goal.  In FIFA rules, a regular indirect kick can go in off a defensive player and count as a goal.  Here, under the SYS Rule for a modified indirect kick, two players of the kicking team must touch the ball before it goes in the goal, to be counted as a goal.  This interpretation of the rule works well on small fields.

Rule XV:  Throw- ins cannot be thrown directly into the goal.  Another player must touch the ball before a goal can be scored.  For 4th grade and under, they can re-do the throw.

At kick- off, the ball must go forward and the person who touched it first, cannot touch it again until another player has done so. 

No Penalty Kicks.  All penalties should be modified indirect free kicks.  If a free kick is awarded inside the goal box, you move the ball six (6) yards away from the end line.  It does not have to be right in front of the net.  Make sure two players on the same team touch the ball before a goal is scored. 

No Off sides.  However, if in your opinion, a player does not participate in the play, (i.e. standing on the opposite side of the field), the other team is awarded a free kick from where the ball was when you had to stop the play.

No player may play wearing a “hard” or soft cast; there are no exceptions to this. 

NOTE:  All cautions and ejections are to be noted on game slips and to be pointed out to Referee Coordinators.

  • Return shirts and whistles when done reffing.
  • If you have you own whistle, please bring it because we hardly have any.  Also, please bring watches.  Just because there is a blow horn, doesn’t mean you need to keep time, you still need to have a watch. 
  • No sandals or bare feet.  Please wear sneakers or cleats. 
  • No cell phones.  If you are caught using your cell phone during the game, you will no longer referee.
  • Blow the whistle hard and loud!!! Everybody should be able to hear it. 
  • 30 minute halves with a five minute half-time.  Pay attention to the blow horn. 
    • Two short blows= 3 minute warning before start of game
    • One long blow= start of 1st half
    • One long blow= end of 1st half
    • Two short blows= 1 min. warning for start of 2nd half
    • One long blow= start of 2nd half
    • One long blow= end of game
  • You do not need to keep score.  Except during the tournament.
  • Team Formats
    • 7/8th- 5 v. 5 with a goalie
    • 2-6 – 6 v. 6 with a goalie
  • If the goalie punts, drop- kicks, or throws the ball over the furthest 8-yard line, in the air without the ball touching another player, the other team is awarded a free kick.  The kick shall be taken from the opposite team’s 8- yard line.
  • Please Download the policy sheet on the website and make sure you understand everything on it.
  • If you are licensed, you must show a valid USSF ID card (not a patch) to one of the Referee Coordinators at the clinic.  Until you show your ID card, you will only earn un-licensed pay ($10) instead of the licensed pay of $15.  You will only earn $15 after you show your ID card and you will not be reimbursed any payments before you show your ID card.
  • Attendance to all scheduled games is necessary unless approved by a SYS Referee Assignor.  You must send an e-mail to no later than the Friday morning before you are scheduled to referee if you cannot show up.  If you do not show up to a game you will no longer be able to referee. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Any questions with anything please let one of the referee coordinators know ASAP.

To find out when you are scheduled, go to and click on “Referees”.  If you are not able to referee a weekend, please let us know.

Also, check out all of the rules at  Go to ‘Rules and Policies’ tab and you will find out all of the rules. 

To contact one of the Referee Coordinators, send an e-mail to

If there is an emergency where you cannot referee you schedule game, and it is short notice, please call this number: (508) 524-8840.  Thank You.

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